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Services List

A. Design and Construction Engineering

Design and Construction Engineering by Mega Orient Group is a discipline that creates and transforms ideas and concepts into a product definition that satisfies customer requirements. The role of the design department is the creation, synthesis, iteration, and presentation of design solutions. The design department coordinates with our engineering specialists and integrates their inputs to produce the form, fit and function documentation to completely define the product whether that product be a commercial, industrial, residential building/structure or utility network. Constructability, function, the environment and energy efficiency as well as aesthetics and economics are prime considerations in the engineering and construction design process.


B. Design-Build Projects

“Design – build” refers to the project delivery system in which a Project Owner contracts with Specialized World for the design and constructions of the project.  The advantage and benefit of design – build to the customer of Specialized World are:


• Single point of responsibility for construction and design.

• Potential for fast-tracking the project (beginning construction or procurement prior to the design being completed), resulting in a shorter overall delivery time for the project.

• Potential for reduction or elimination of change orders.

• Expertise of Specialized World, particularly in the area of practical execution of the project, is brought to the table earlier in the process.

• Owner can be provided with a fixed price of the project by Specialized World.

• Potentially lower overall project costs.


C. Construction and Project Management


Mega Orient Group can provide pre-construction and construction phase services to the Project Owner in coordination with the Owner's Architect/Engineer to form the construction/building team.  The pre-construction phase services provided are: -


Project Planning and Management:


• Scope of work definition and preparation

• Evaluating proposed or existing facilities

• Budget and cost control

• Financial and economic analysis

• Construction analysis

• A/E evaluation and selections

• Overview of design/construction process


Design Phase Services:


• Cost models and plans

• Scheduling, cost and budget controls

• Design change schedule impact studies

• Value engineering and cost estimating

• Constructability of multiple design efforts

• Coordination of multiple design efforts


Procurement Phase Services:


• Construction procurement methodologies

• Development of pre-bid schedules

• Preparation of solicitation notices

• Participation of pre-bid conferences

• Bid evaluation and recommendations


The Construction Phase Services provided are: -


• Construction project management

• On-site administrative services

• Maintenance of project master schedule

• Review of contractor-provided submittals

• Project financial management assistance

• Scheduling, cost, and budget controls

• Cost negotiation preparation and assistance

• Change order analysis

• Progress payment submittal reviews

• Site visit coordination and assistance

• As-built drawings

• On-site construction observation

• Progress reporting and report preparation

• Personnel and labor compliance reviews


D. Procurement of materials and Equipments

 Mega Orient Group provides products with meticulous care, making full use of the latest technology so that we can fully satisfy customers and obtain their trust.  Therefore, we opens the door for business opportunities to Saudi Arabia and foreign firms alike to procure safe, high-quality and economical materials.  We procure materials, components and equipments based on following five principles in order to put those concepts into practice and within the Procurement and Contract Policy and Procedures of the Company




Business opportunities provided by us are open to foreign firms. Quality and good service are the primary considerations.  We seek the firms which always offer the latest technology.




We impartially select a supplier in view of product quality, performance, price, delivery punctuality, availability of after-sales service and operation condition of the company.


Mutual trust


We strive to build and maintain sound business relationships based on mutual respect and trust through fair business dealings.


Observance of laws


We believe that all business relationships and dealings should conform to the related laws and their underlying implication as well.


Contribution to the community and region


We believe that our company and its suppliers should become good partners who contribute to the development of the community through procurement of materials and equipment.


E. Manpower Supply and Personnel Services


Mega Orient Group Manpower Supply and Personnel Services is quality provider of work force solutions to companies of all sizes and industry sectors in the Al Khobar-Dammam-Jubail area in particular, as well as throughout the remainder of Saudi Arabia.

Specialized World Manpower Supply and Personnel Services has an extensive resource of qualified, experienced professional engineers and construction supervisors, office staffs and technicians of all disciplines as well as highly trained skilled and unskilled workers.

Specialized World Manpower Supply and Personnel Services Division have an enviable reputation for integrity, reliability and exemplary customer-focused services. 

Highly qualified personnel and specialists in the following fields are available for immediate deployment, hire and or rent; 

Masons (tile and block), painters, decorators, electricians, telephone and TV technicians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, duct workers, steel fixers, steel erectors, carpenters (shuttering and finishing), wood workers, electrical engineers, electrical supervisors, mechanical engineers, mechanical supervisors, air-conditioning engineers, civil engineers, civil supervisors, mechanical supervisors, electrical supervisors, welders, pipe layers and laborers.


F. Facilities Maintenance


Since its establishment, Mega Orient Group has made major capital investments in specialist equipment, instrumentation, computerization, vehicles and premises for its Facilities Maintenance division to ensure an efficient, effective and responsive service to our clients' varying requirements.

However, our greatest asset is our dedicated and experienced staff who are not only highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields but who also regularly attend product, discipline updates, seminars, industry/product workshops and legislative courses to keep current and maintain our expertise, clients have entrusted the management of their total properties and support facilities to Specialized World. The facilities maintenance service provided by Mega Orient Group covers areas such as: -

1. Landscapes & Gardening

2. Building Structures,

3. Painting & Joinery (Doors, Handrails)

4. Building Electrical, Plumbing & Air-Conditioning Systems

5. Internal & External Lighting Maintenance

6. Infrastructure Upkeep (Sewage, Water, Telephone and Electrical Networks)

7. Refuse Disposal & Cleaning Staff


Efficient well-maintained Building Services as provided by Specialized World are vital to the comfort, efficiency and safety of staffs and the preservation of buildings, infrastructures and systems. Specialized World has the expertise and capability to protect and operate such a valuable asset and investment efficiently and effectively to a planned schedule and budget.



G. Concrete Repair and Water Proofing


Mega Orient Group has a long and proud history of supplying and applying very reliable and highly durable specialist concrete repair materials and procedures, protective coatings and waterproofing to the varying construction and maintenance industries.

This includes architectural coatings, engineering coatings, structural concrete repairs, concreting rehabilitation and restoration, concrete toppings, industrial floorings, grouts and anchors, sealants, water stops and waterproofing.  Our services include planned maintenance as well as rapid response services for emergency repairs and service trials with excellent technical performance and implementation as well as a commitment to accomplishment within the agreed budget and timetable.


Services provided are:


Waterproofing and protection of concrete foundations, retaining walls and foundation slabs.

Repairing and waterproofing of irrigation channels.

Waterproofing finish to silos and cooling towers in thermal plants.

Waterproofing dams and retaining walls.

Waterproofing concrete in water plants.

Waterproofing swimming pools.

Waterproofing and coating fresh water tanks.

Concrete repair and waterproofing for all residential and industrial buildings.

Concrete repair and waterproofing for bridges and all type of structures.

Repair and protective covering of superficial rods threatened by corrosion.

Repair lintels, rain caps, water tanks and to restore architectural concrete permanently exposed to the weather.

Waterproofing of joints in facades, roofs and terraces.

Waterproof and decorative finish of facades and exterior walls.

Internal lining and coating of both concrete and steel in the following field:



Coating of metallic equipment

Potable water storage and waster treatment plants and desalination plants.

Protection of seashore concrete and steel elements with an excellent resistance against seawater.

Food grain silos and beverage processing plants.

Fuel oils and gasoline tanks including super unleaded grades.




Also, our corrosion specialists are able to provide professional advice on the selection and installation of corrosion prevention systems can install corrosion monitoring systems and cathode protection systems together with corrosion inhibitors placed on or in concrete to prohibit corrosion activity. The company has also very extensive expertise and experience in the supply and application of all types of waterproofing treatments, systems and products including concrete waterproofing protection, roofing insulation and waterproofing with all types of systems whether acrylic, polyurethane or PVC based.



H. Builder Pre-Engineered and Steel Building


Numerous pre-engineered buildings have been constructed by Mega Orient Group on many prestigious projects throughout the Kingdom; we have constructed pre-engineered warehouses, pre-engineered showroom structures, shopping centers, storage buildings, multi-purpose hangars, industrial plant buildings, factories, supermarkets, office buildings and advertising signs.


Consequently, Mega Orient Group developed excellent performance and technical expertise in the turnkey construction of all types of pre-engineered buildings and steel structures including erection services, concrete foundations and related civil works as well as all associated electrical, plumbing, HVAC and architectural  finishing works of all such pre-engineered steel systems. 

Builder Pre-Engineered and Steel Building


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