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About Mega Orient Group

The Company has formed to provide quality construction products and engineering services to the real estate, contracting, construction, oil & gas and infrastructure industries of Saudi Arabia. We have established a successful track record through our commitment to customers, quality, and our partnerships with on the operations and maintenance domain. Mega Orient Group undertakes complex and challenging civil engineering and building works. Services extend from innovative technical concepts and front end engineering design to protect and construction management, fabrication, construction, installation, commissioning and long-term operation maintenance. The rapid growth of Mega Orient Group is driven by its bold vision, strong entrepreneurial spirit, and devotion to customer satisfaction and excellence in product delivery and quality of service.

 Mega Orient Group holds a portfolio of strategic investment in construction equipment; property and a substantial flee of mobile plant in Saudi Arabia. This compliments the Company's multi-domestic growth strategy which centers on its operating hubs Al-Khobar,Jubail,and Dubai.

Our Partners

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  • Petro Sharq
  • teamone
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  • Nature for Petrolium






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